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What does a career coach do?


Are you wondering what to do next in your career? Are you planning a career change, or do you want to advance in your current role? Two critical factors determine your chance to land a new job or to create a change:

  • Clarity about your options

  • Taking actions towards your goals

People often are unsure of what they want to do next. Or, if they do know, they fail to act and create a plan. Working with a career coach will improve your decision-making, clarify your career goals, and pinpoint how to achieve them. A career coach works with you to create and execute a strategy tailored to your particular needs. 

Who can benefit from working with a career coach?

Regardless if you are a recent graduate or a seasoned executive, you will benefit from working with a career coach.

Career Strategy that brings results

A career coach can help you start a new career, transition to a new field, advance in your current profession, and support you in your leadership role! When it comes to career assessment and career change planning here is what you can expect when working with a career coach:

  • Evaluation of your current career and background. Identify professional strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Create awareness and explore possible career options that are the best fit for you

  • Develop and leverage your personal-professional brand. Discover how you can apply your skillset and personal-professional brand to transition to your dream job or advance in your current position

  • Create a strategy with actionable steps to overcome gaps and achieve the desired career change


Why should I hire a career coach? Career Coaching Outcomes:


  • Find your desired vocation

  • Explore future career options

  • Create a healthier work-life balance

  • Find support when making decisions

  • Grow in your current role

  • Improve leadership presence

  • Develop networking skills

  • Create a 360-degree review

  • Transition planning

Career support and resources:


  • Resume writing and editing

  • Cover letters

  • Interview preparation

  • Career change mindset and attitude

  • Communication and networking skills

  • LinkedIn professional profile

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